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Earthquake Disaster: Rescue, relief and rebuilding:

Rupantaran Nepal has supported food, medicine, clothes, hygiene and sanitary pads for 20 Dalit households of 3rd and 4th May 2015 Dhading District. We have selected this small settlement to work as they were deprived from the relief program of government and other organizations. We distributed food and relief materials first making household survey, then making three categories according to family members and level of house damages.  This approach is more scientific and fair implied at micro scale. We are committed to this most cost effective model of working to distribute relief materials for the target groups as many big charity organizations and even the government was messed into mismanagement to allocate relief materials in a proper way.

It proves the following significance;

• The small and local youth led organizations can do relief and rebuilding program in a more cost effective way, as in that program and others, Rupantaran Nepal has experienced that such tasks can be carried out  almost with negligible administration cost.  

• It is a good example that  selection of site can be done for the most needy, vulnerable and marginalized people at first.

• It is a good example that the distribution can be done fairly and in a scientific  way rather than random distribution.

Rupantaran Nepal is very much willing to apply this experience in selected villages  of earthquake devastation.