A vibrant nation and communities with a vibrant new generation


Youth led and mobilized socioeconomic transformation with the motto ‘from community to community and within the Community’.

  • To make aware the young people, students, women, children and deprived people of rural areas against social discrimination and economic exploitation.
  • To carry out the support programs for poor, disabled, elders, indigenous/ethnic group, women, Dalits and children in rural areas.
  • To initiate campaigns for equal opportunity in education.
  • To initiate work on conservation of environment & natural heritage.
  • To promote indigenous knowledge and use of local resources for self- employment.
  • To carry out research on socio-economy, environment and development problems of Nepal.
  • To work for the promotion of peace, harmony and social justice in rural and poor urban areas.
  • To work for the natural disaster preparedness, relief and rehabilitation support mobilizing youth volunteers