Advisory and Patron:

Advisory Board of Rupantaran Nepal consists of its founders and different renowned personalities working at national and regional policy level. Our advisory board come from the personalities contributing at national policy level, academicians, youth leaders and figures leading different development sectors. In the advisory board, we have also the figures having exposure for international campaigns for peace, development and environment issues.

Rupantaran Nepal has designed a patron from its founder, contributing to lay its foundation. The patron will be the prime advisory and provide a strategic guidance to the organization.  He will have a just  ceremonial and advisory role in the organization.  The executive committee will decide the advisory board and patron to be approved by the General Assembly.


The organization is registered in the local administration office and has affiliated to the Social Welfare Council of the Government of Nepal. The board consists of a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer and the members.  The board will be elected by the General Assembly of the organization. The role of the board is not to perform the day to day executive responsibility.  The board consists of its founders, local representatives of working areas and inclusive of women, Dalits, disable and marginalized. The organization has designated some of its members to look after daily activities of the organization and coordination work.  

Board of Directors:

There will be a team of coordinators to look after different areas.  The director of Rupantaran Nepal will coordinate and instruct the work in areas of the organization performing the tasks.  In this regards the Coordinating Team is as follows to direct R upantaran Nepal.

Mohan Shahi- Overall coordination / Mannami editing

Kriparam BK- Proposal writing / academic discourse

Surya Basnet:  Education /IT

Nanda Bista: Diaspora / Youth entrepreneurship 

Sita Bohora: Young Women  and Bheri-Karnali regional issues 

Ganesh Khaptadi Magar : Coordination in Dailekh

Laxmi Prasad Regmi: Management