Working areas:

Primarily, it has focused to work in Dailekh District to bring changes in the livelihood of people, help reform the education system, motivate youth for social transformation and help them to lead the process.  It has also aimed to protect valuable cultural assets of Dailekh district and make known to the people all over Nepal and outer world.

The organization has already initiated to build green clubs to carry out plantation work in schools and surroundings.

The organization will work on the issues and policies that are closely related to the mission of Rupantaran Nepal conducting seminars and regular debates and through its journal and publications.

Working modality:

Working modality of Rupantran Nepal is self sustaining, independent and based upon the small helping hands of community and individuals.

Working partners:

Rupantaran Nepal has been working with community organizations to organize events and campaigns.

  1. Government agencies: It has worked with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Library, District Development Office, District Education Office under the government of Nepal to carry out youth, education and development targeted programs in the districts.  
  2. Private companies and agencies: to organize health program and ‘donate one book campaign’ 
  3. NGOs and INGOs: we have initiated work with like minded  NGOs and INGOs. For youth issue and policy debates we have collaborated work with the Demo-Finland, especially to publish the 4th issue of Mannami and conduct a seminar on youth voluntarism.