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‘Your one book can work as a lantern to enlighten our rural and backward community!’ - Rupantaran Nepal

 The aim of ‘donate one book campaign’ is to collect more and more books to support rural communities and schools. It further aims the ‘Model Rural Library’ in principle ‘From Community to Community. Our aim is not only to support the course books, but more extra-curriculum books help to groom themselves, and to help to knock the door of future possibilities. It aims to help to rural students, teachers and community people to provide an opportunity to learn and study. It has expected to build the reading habit among community people.

Our priority is not to build first the library infrastructure, it is rather a secondary.  We focus on to collect or buy necessary books and launch library with school and community involvement. Our start up is from enthusiastic community mobilization in the process, especially of the young people and students. The modality of fund collect is to reach out maximum number of people to inspire them to support for the cause.  We wish to develop it as a movement.  We include all the list of contributors in our website so that they can see their contribution and all the details whether their contribution is utilized in the proper way. We believe that the role of the community in the decision making process will always be the key.

Rupantaran Nepal has already donated 15 thousand books to different rural schools of Dailekh district. We had voluntarily collected all those books from different publishing houses, institutions and persons in Kathmandu.